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Wednesday Kloosterman's Sports Tap League


Wednesday night Kloosterman's Sports Tap League Tournament for 2017 was held on Saturday October 21st. Thank you for participating and see you next year!

Wednesday night Kloosterman's Sports Tap League 2017 Season  (formerly Yankee Bills)  Annual Meeting and Signup was held April 12th and we had 30 teams this year.  First day of League was April 26th and we played through to September 27th!

If you have any questions call Cory at 734-323-8765.


2017 Schedule available - Click here to view


2017 Rules  Same as last year with the exception of the following change:  A bonus point can be earned (sandbag deterrent) if you hit below your average. Each team can earn the bonus point each week.

1. Point system is a 5-point max per league night of play.  There will be five possible points for each team each week. A team winning a hole during the nine-hole match wins one point for each hole won. If a hole is halved, each team receives a point. The maximum number of points each team can win per match is 5 points; however, a team that has reached 5 points for the match is also trying to limit the number of points the opposing team wins.

For example, Team A wins the first five holes of the match. They have earned the maximum five points for the match. However, Team B can still win the last four holes to earn 4 points for their team. Each team's goal each week is to win 5 points, while limiting their opponents to as few points as possible. Even though Team A has won 5 points, they can still win the last 4 holes to hold Team B to zero points for the week.

2. If you do not play, you are still responsible for league fee that night. You must be caught up on any prior week fees or you will not be allowed to play, and will have to forfeit that game.

3. League fees are $30 per team due on or before the start of the season.

Pay Rule for League: If you miss a week (round) you must pay for that missed round by the next round you play. League fees of $30/team must be paid on or before the first match of the season.

General League Rules:

  • Max Strokes per hole 10.  Handicap is figured for the new year based on the last three games from last season, and will be based on a three round rolling handicap.  If you did not play last year, or if you have a new partner, you will need to turn in three score sheets prior to start of season.  If you are going to play with a sub, you will need three scores to establish handicap as well. Be sure the scorecards are dated, signed and turned in. 

  • Point system is a 5-point max per league night of play plus bonus point if your team hits under your average.

  • A team that has a forfeit round will get an automatic 20 putts as far as keeping in the putt race. No automatic points if forfeit. They play their round against the course or their handicap, which will decide on the rest of the points.

  • Make up rounds can be played any time before that match, but MUST be played by the Tuesday before the next match. Try contacting your opponent and play together if possible. Be sure to mark the date you are making up for on your score card.

  • If a team does not show for their tee time that has been agreed on by both teams, it is a forfeit. Please be courteous and stay in touch with the team you are playing! We are allowing a 15 minute leeway, so if you are running late, call the team you are playing and let them know - they will have a choice to wait, or start at the scheduled time. In otherwords, if you are more then 15 minutes late from your scheduled time, it is a forfeit unless the team you are playing has been contacted and agreed to late start.  If you can't get a call to them, call the clubhouse and leave word.

  • If you have an injured partner that can't play at all, you get two shots off the tee ONLY. If your partner is injured and can play (putting/chipping) but can't drive, NO extra shot off the tee.

  • The Scramble Club Length rule is as follows - You may move the ball one club length, but not closer to the hole (not on the green) and only within the cut (no rough to fairway or to the green). If you are in the woods or a water hazard, the ball must stay there, but you still get a club length (not closer to the hole)

  • We will continue to have the 50/50 and longest putt/drive. Longest drive will be on 4 and 5 this year.

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